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Types of adhesives

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Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) adhesive is an adhesive based on emulsion and acrylic resins, which is done by hot pressing machine to stick hpl coatings on MDF sheets.
This adhesive has high quality and adhesion and has a very good performance in the machine. MP-700 adhesive for gluing HPL veneers on MDF is used by hot press machine. This adhesive also has a high solid percentage.

The advantages of polyvinyl acetate adhesive include its cost-effectiveness, high speed in gluing, without causing pollution and fire hazard, durable resin with strong joints.
These adhesives have low resistance to water and heat and good resistance to oil.
Melamine urea formaldehyde or modified urea formaldehyde (MUF) adhesive is available in powder form and mixed with a white to yellowish or colorless catalyst. This adhesive reduces the polymerization rate. Also very suitable for high frequency presses. It has good resistance to hydrolysis, moisture and very dry conditions.
Application of melamine urea formaldehyde adhesive
1- In the production of plywood

2-Particle board
3- Furniture industry
4- Melamine door products and procedures, etc.

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