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Making a wooden door

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In this article, we are going to deal with the steps of making wooden doors:
The construction of a wooden door is as follows, first we have to make the frame or the wooden rectangle of the original door with the specified dimensions and sizes as follows:
• The door frame is cut to dimensions of 210 cm in height, 80 to 90 cm in width, and then, using the connection of the palate and the tab, it is fastened together and fastened completely with a punch and a nail.
• The door lock is marked after the completion of the initial frame in an approximate size of half a centimeter from the edge.
Secure one side of the frame with glue and place a wooden board (melamine door top) that acts as a cover or veneer and nail around it to secure it completely.

• At this stage, the frame is turned over and the inside, which is an empty frame, is filled with Honeycomb nets. Then the second cover (cover of the second melamine door) is glued and placed on the other frame that is left empty, nailed and fixed.
• In this stage, which is the final stage, the door is placed under the press machine. After 15 minutes, the covers and the frame are completely glued together and pressed. The door is then removed from under the machine and the excess and excess veneers are cut with a chainsaw.

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