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Four-cut wood

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When they have rectangular and square cross-sectional wood, they are called four-cut wood or four-cut wood.
In order to be able to use wood in different industries, logs and timber are cut in different sizes according to pre-determined standards and principles. Four-cut wood is one of the woods used by architects and specialists in the field of construction, carpenters and carpenters, furniture makers and all jobs in the wood industry.
As you know, if needed, the four-saw wood can be grated and dirty in four ways, if it is not needed, the surfaces are a little rough and the traces of a band saw can be seen on its faces. In addition, the remaining 2 sides can be cut with a circular saw so that all 6 sides of our four-piece are polished.

Four lathes are available in different sizes and shapes in the market, but the main forms are:
Four square cut wood
Rectangular cross-section wood
You can contact spinner sales experts to order four-cut wood.

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