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Door frame:

There are different types of door frames in the construction industry. The door frame can be wooden or metal, the wooden type of which is installed in new designs of MDF parts on the workplace, which has a special beauty and elegance. These frames are produced in standard sizes according to the type of door (interior or entrance) in the workshop and are sent to the customer.

Types of door frames:

Frames are divided into two types of metal frames and wooden frames. The frames used for each type of door are different. Usually for metal anti-theft door and interior door of the building, metal frames with different thicknesses are used and also the width of the door frame is completely different according to the wall thickness of the building. For interior doors, in addition to the metal frame, wooden frames are also used for beauty. Impact doors usually use a metal frame that is impact resistant.

Types of door frames:

Door frames can be made of wood, as they are the easiest and cheapest material for the door frame. But wood can be exposed to decay, cracking and loosening over time and under pressure. Some frames are coated with reinforced steel to make the frame stronger.

In some cases, other materials such as UPVC, fiberglass, fiberglass and aluminum or even a combination of wood and resin are used, which also works well for the strength of the door frame and makes the door frame more reliable. Some doors are sold with hinges for easy installation. These ready-to-install doors fit snugly into the frame and will not cause side effects.

Espiner brand announces its readiness to offer interior doors with melamine veneers along with wooden frame to its customers.

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